Halona Blowhole and From Here to Eternity Beach

Halona blowhole is an amazing natural wonder located on the south side of the island about 13 miles side of Waikiki. Thousands of years ago as Lava Tubes cooled it created a blowhole which pushes Strong ocean water through the lava tube and creates a spectacular 50 foot water spray that looks much like Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

As you travel our beautiful Island, this is a must stop location which is located about half a mile from the entrance Hanauma Bay State Park. In the summertime when the South Shore swells are there largest, the blowhole is a big attraction and in the winter time when the swells, and the waves, are the biggest on the North Shore the blowhole seems to be very quiet.

This location is great for viewing humpback whales and is located just off shore in the humpback whale Sanctuary and located on the south side of the island & all around the Hanauma Bay Area.

Just off the right hand side of the parking lot is the famous From Here to Eternity Beach which was made famous by Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in their famous kissing scene in the 1953 classic “From Here to Eternity”.

This stretch of Beach and look out are visited by almost every tour company that goes around our Island like our Hawaii Turtle Tour which circles are Island snorkels on the picturesque North Shore.