Waikiki Surfing Lessons

Discover Surfing Perfection in Paradise! Welcome to the sun-kissed shores of Waikiki, where the ocean’s embrace calls out to the adventurer in you. At Hans Hedemann Surf School, we’re not just teaching surfing; we’re offering you the key to unlocking the majesty of the Pacific. Here’s why your surf journey must begin with us:

  • A Legacy of Surfing Royalty: Founded by the renowned professional surfer Hans Hedemann himself, our school carries a torch of excellence. With years of expertise and a lineage of wave mastery, we offer you more than lessons; we share a heritage.

  • Expertise That Guides Your Glide: Our instructors are seasoned pros, handpicked to ensure your time on the waves is nothing short of extraordinary. We offer personalized guidance that caters to your individual level, from the enthusiastic beginner to the seasoned surfer seeking to refine their technique.

  • A Spectrum of Surfing Lessons:

    • Group Dynamics: Revel in the energy of group lessons, where camaraderie meets the thrill of the surf.
    • Semi-Private Superiority: Share focused instruction with a partner or friend, enhancing your experience with every wave.
    • Private Proficiency: Indulge in one-on-one sessions that fast-track your progress and confidence.
  • A Location Like No Other: Waikiki’s legendary waves offer the perfect canvas for your surfing dreams. Whether it’s your first stand on the board or your hundredth ride down the line, the welcoming Hawaiian waters await.

Waikiki Surfing Lessons
Our talented surf teachers will coach you through the best ride of your life
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  •  Group Lessons $95
  • Semi-Private Lessons $135
  • Private Lessons $175
  • Lessons start at: 8:00am • 11:00am • 2:00pm
  • Tour Length 2 hours
  • Children under 14 must choose Private
  • Tax not included


  • Rash guard, Surf Shirt, reef shoes and surfboard rentals are FREE with lesson.

Group Lessons:
One of our most popular lessons, the group lesson is perfect for first-time surfers. We start our Waikiki surfing lessons with basic water safety principles and a land lesson before going in the ocean.

Semi-Private Lessons:
The semi-private lesson accommodates 2 students with one instructor. It’s perfect for couples, friends or family members who want to learn surfing together and get personalized coaching from one instructor.

Private lessons:
We recommend private lessons for those who want the extra attention, like intermediate to advanced surfers. Your instructor will be able to guide you and teach you whatever you want to learn. We also require private Waikiki surfing lessons for children between the ages of 6 and 13 and non-swimmers for safety reasons.

Hans Hedemann Surf School was established in 1995 and has since become the premier surfing school in Hawaii with locations in Waikiki and the North Shore of Oahu. A team of lifeguard and CPR trained instructors and safety guides dedicate to an enriched Hawaiian Surfing experience to provide a great adventure for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfer.