Waikiki Bottom Fishing Adventure and Cruise

Create the ultimate experience off the shore of Waikiki on the luxury fishing charter named Tortuga. See Waikiki from the ONLY 49 passenger fishing boat to set sail out of Waikiki. We are located steps from the Modern Hotel and right across from Chart House. Go party fishing, bottom fishing, or private charter by yourself or with 48 friends.

We’re located steps from the Modern Hotel and right across from Chart House in the Ala Wai Boat Harbor in Waikiki. Relax in our air-conditioned cabin on our 50-foot Chesapeake while enjoying beverages and snacks. Our friendly staff will assist you on your adventure whether it is your first time fishing in Honolulu or you are a seasoned fisherman.

Waikiki Fishing

About the Fishing Vessel

The Tortuga is a 50-foot Chesapeake fishing boat that can accommodate up to 49 passengers. It is equipped with all the latest fishing gear, including a live well, fish finder, and GPS. The boat also has a comfortable cabin with a galley and restroom.

Food & Snacks

This BYOB Fishing Cruise is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the company of your friends or family. You are welcome to bring your beverages/cocktails and food aboard the ship, and you will also get to keep what you catch. The fish caught on the tour are sometimes grilled up from the back of the boat, and you might have the opportunity to sample them.

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  • Adult $105
  • Child $85  (4yo to 12yo)
  • Departs at 8:00 am & 1:00 pm
  • Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat
  • Tour Length 3 hours
  • All children allowed on this tour
  • NO Transportation at this time
  • Tax not included
  • Poles, Tackle and Bait
  • Snacks and Drinks are available
  • KEEP what you catch
  • DVD Available for purchase
  • Departs from Ala Wai Boat Harbor in Waikiki
  • Check-in is 30 min before departure
  • Comfortable and breathable attire
  • Towel and Sun Block
  • Bring Food and Beverages
  • NO Glass & NO BANANA’S

You can expect to catch: Uku, Uhu, Opakapaka, and Onaga.

Uku: is a popular Hawaiian fish that is known for its delicious taste. The fish is typically found in the open ocean, and it has a light pink flesh with a mild flavor. Uku fish is commonly used in Hawaiian dishes, and it is often grilled or baked.

Opakapaka: is a species of snapper that is found throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The fish is prized for its delicate flavor and pink flesh. Opakapaka is typically cooked using methods that preserve its moist texture, such as steaming or baking.